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A Young Artist Makes Waves

I couldn’t sleep at night. God just broke my heart for these people that don’t have something as simple as clean water. That was the very beginning of what really started Resurface.

Amanda Peck Amanda Peck

3-Hour Home Makeover

Looking to spruce up your home during the sizzling summer months? This project will only take you three hours tops (including pizza breaks).

colorful-bedroom-design-ideas colorful-bedroom-design-ideas

Evangelical Does Not Equal Republican…

A jarring look at how evangelicals have fallen away from their roots. What used to be the strongest political and social force in America has been reduced to a legalistic and insensitive cult.

ShowImage.aspx ShowImage.aspx

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Summer is the perfect time for a refreshing twist on your every day chocolate chip cookie. What better thought than to make it green? It goes with the bright foliage of summer.

21212_48040-1 21212_48040-1

Bangles on a Budget

Bangles are in! Don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune to jump on this summer trend. A few spots to check out are:

Forever 21 Bangles Forever 21 Bangles
Q&A: Design, Adoption, and Entrepreneurship

Author of Simply Grove, a design entrepreneur, and an advocate for adoption, Kirsten Grove has her hands and her heart full.

Sarah Hill Inspires Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood and I are alike in a lot of ways. I was on set for her week of filming, and I was able to go through the script with her. She would ask me things like, “What do you think about this?” She really wanted to get it right.

A Princeton Professor Finds God

The problem is that a three thousand pound Oldsmobile falling on a man’s chest doesn’t fit into Maslow’s neat triangle. Nor do tumors, bankruptcy, or other painful scenarios many Christians say have drawn them closer to God.

Closet Inspiration

If you’re thinking you have slightly more worthwhile things to spend millions of dollars on, here are some practical, but just as inspiring closets from around the blog-o-sphere.

Saving the World in 11 Months

The World Race doesn’t allow for luke-warm missionaries. It’s not intended for apathetic twenty-somethings. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart.

Q&A with a Fashion Stylist

Alex Evjen (pictured above) is one of those rare combinations of beauty AND brains. Before sitting down for a Q&A, I had the pleasure of undergoing the “AVE Styles experience,” and here’s the proof!

Couture with a Conscience: Top 5 Picks

Promise Tangemen recently joined the 31 Bits girls to snap a few shots sporting their newest line. Check out her five favorite pieces for summer.