If you’ve seen the cinematic masterpiece that is the first Sex and the City movie, you’ve undoubtedly been counting down the days until your closet looks like the one Big gives Carrie. Her reaction looked a little something like this:

Image via hookedonhomes.net.

If you’re thinking you have slightly more worthwhile things to spend millions of dollars on, here are some practical, but just as inspiring closet finds from around the blog-o-sphere.

This beauty comes from Honey We’re Home. The owner of this “Mom Cave,” says donate the stuff you don’t need to keep things looking clean and modern. “I am constantly reviewing what I have and donating or giving away what I’m not wearing or doesn’t fit.”

Why we love this closet? Aside from the frilly vintage finds, the lighting and floor runner offer a feminine, albeit quirky, touch.

Two closet must-haves? A floor length mirror and comfy seating. Oh, and the clock helps to avoid being fashionably late. Image found here.

The framed shopping bags bring a unique hint of color to this space.

The simple wallpaper and natural light let the clothes speak for themselves. (Found here.)

Got an inspiring closet of your own? Share it with us!